Valentine’s Gifts for the Mr. in your life

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and in the absence of going out to restaurants, while most places are still following pandemic precautions, determining the right Valentine’s gifts to get the Mr. in your life can be hard.

So, I asked a few questions, poked around a bit, and came up with a few off the cuff Valentine’s Gifts that might just be the answer this year! For starters, did you know that some guys actually like getting flowers? All too often, we think that flowers are for women, but when asked, several men said that they had a favorite flower AND would love to get some!

Valentine's gifts
Photo by Daria Rem from Pexels

Have you ever asked your Mr. what his favorite flower is? Give it a try, he might be pleasantly surprised that you cared enough to ask!

How about personalized shirts? or how about a personalized sweatsuit; well with places like Mato & Hash, you can create just about any type of clothing you can think of. You can quite literally log onto their website, and create a special design that they will then create and ship! I am thinking about getting my husband a customized Chopper Beanie to wear when he is out riding his mini chopper!

Another great option for Valentine’s gifts are experiences; places and memories instead of things. I know that right now, lots of places are still off-limits, but find out what really strikes his fancy, and go in search of what is available in your vicinity. This website has some great ideas on things to do and ways to find experiences over things.

Now, if your Mr. has a hobby that he really enjoys that DOES require things, go in search of the great deals the interwebs have to offer…you would be surprised at the awesome deals that are out there. Is he a computer man? Then check out some of the awesome techie things that are available; sounds, recording, software, video…there are so many options out there. Click here to see some of those best techie choices!

Now, as I mentioned, my husband is really into his mini chopper, so of course, Valentine’s for him will look very much like Christmas did…full of items to upgrade or fix his chopper! A gift certificate to have it painted, new logo stickers, a new headlight…anything goes!


Valentine's gifts
Image by Andreas Danang Aprillianto from Pixabay

So, this year, when you go in search of the *perfect* Valentine’s gifts, ask lots of sneaky questions, pay attention to what he spends his free time focusing on, or what his happy hobby is, then run with that information. Don’t forget to search the internet for great deals, because who doesn’t like to save money AND spoil the ones they love?!

Never underestimate a man’s love for the simple things either; his idea of a perfect Valentine’s gift just might be spending time with YOU! If you have the ability to, and especially after that chaos of the past year, getting away might be just what Valentine’s Day ordered for both of you. Camping, a cabin in the great outdoors, or even a lazy day at home with no outside distractions might be just what the Dr ordered!


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