Ways To Make a Busy Board for Your Toddler

If your toddler is flying off the walls from morning until night, and you are trying to find a way to calm them down, try redirecting their energy to a busy board. Busy boards are full of stimulating activities for kids to enjoy, but it requires some mindful concentration to complete all the exercises. Whether your child prefers a relaxing activity or a competitive game, you’ll find many ways to make a busy board for your toddler. Keep reading to learn how to make an amazing busy board your toddler will adore.

Attach Items You Already Have

The easiest way to construct a homemade busy board for your toddler is with items you have around your home. Begin by using any piece of wood that is sturdy enough to hold the items you want to attach. Next, gather items that build motor skills and are fun to fidget with. For instance, zippers are easy for kids to use. To attach a zipper to your board, you’ll want first to understand how zippers work. Other common household items you can use for your toddler’s busy board include:

  • Light switches
  • Mirrors
  • Wheels
  • Hinges
  • Chains
  • Locks
  • Carpet patches
  • Buckles
  • Velcro

busy board

Use Bright Colors

You should make your toddler’s busy board colorful to attract them to it. Use bright colored paint for the board itself, or use different colors for each item that you place on the board. If you use a plethora of different colors, you might uncover your child’s favorites, especially if you notice that they tend to play with a group of items from the same color palette.

Make Your Busy Board Safe

The most important thing to consider when constructing a busy board for your toddler is that it is safe to use. You should securely attach each item to ensure it does not fall off. Further, ensure that none of the items will harm your child. You should wash everything before attaching it and keep it clean; kids put everything in their mouth. Each item you use should be durable and impossible to remove to make sure your child cannot put anything in their mouth and potentially choke.

Build a Portable Busy Board

One of the best ways to make a busy board for your toddler is to make it portable so you can take it in the car. Especially on longer trips, kids can get bored easily. If you build one that is lightweight or small enough to bring in the car, your child can have something to keep them entertained wherever you go.

These boards are a simple way for your kid to calm down and have quiet time while working on their fine motor skills. You can customize it to suit your own child’s needs, and you can update it as they advance. If your toddler is interested, let them help you make the board. Kids love to paint, after all.


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