Ways To Make Healthy Eating Fun for Kids

Healthy eating starts at home but encouraging your kids to love their fruits and veggies isn’t always easy. For kiddos, healthy eating means trying new foods—this is stressful for a picky eater. If you need to switch up your little one’s diet, then you’re in luck. There are all kinds of ways to make healthy eating fun for kids! 

Be a Role Model

Your child won’t want to eat healthy if you’re not doing the same. Remember, your kids look up to you, so lead by example and make sure you’re choosing healthy snacks too! Part of being a role model is also remembering that there’s no pressure around eating. Ask your child to try new healthy foods. And if they refuse, don’t react negatively—instead, try again another time. 

Grow a Garden

Why not improve your kid’s eating habits while also enhancing responsibility? You can easily make a vertical garden at home and make it cost-efficient by using PVP (plant variety protection). A garden gives your child a hands-on experience with food that they don’t get when you shop at the supermarket together. 

Some even argue that a garden improves the emotional behaviors around food. Children are proud of the food they helped nourish. 

Make Healthy Eating Fun for Kids

Start Cooking Together

Cooking together gives you and the kids a chance to get messy in the kitchen and have some fun. Even better, they’ll help make their meals! When you put a meal you made in front of your child, they may refuse to eat it. But if they cook with you, they have the pride of knowing their work went into it. Better yet, if you do this and grow a garden, you could cook some of the fruits and veggies you grew together!

Go Shopping Together

One way to make healthy eating fun for kids is to do the grocery shopping together. When you go out, have your child pick what fruits and vegetables you’ll have for the week. This gives them some control over what they’ll eat, which makes healthy eating easier. 

Make Mealtime Creative

Make their plate colorful with a variety of foods! At breakfast, try decorating their plate with whole grains, fruits, and yogurt. You could organize their food into a cute animal. 

For instance, use a piece of toast, cut up banana, berries of choice, and peanut butter to make a bear’s face. The bread and peanut butter serve as a base, while the sliced banana makes perfect ears! When eating time is enjoyable, so is eating healthy.


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