Ways To Prepare Your Furniture Before Moving

When you move to a new home, you need to make sure all your items travel safely, especially your furniture. No one wants to accidentally leave something behind or find damage on their favorite dresser from the moving process. To prevent these issues, here are a few ways to prepare your furniture before moving.

Inventory of Items

Before you start packing, take an inventory of the furniture pieces you want to take. Once you begin the packing process, it can get messy and hard to know what items you need to prepare. A list of the furniture you need to take ensures that you don’t leave anything behind.

Pack It or Leave It

Sometimes, you may not want to take all your furniture to the new home. If you look around your living room and notice some signs that you need new furniture, it’s probably easier to purchase new furniture at the destination. There’s no need to haul furniture that you don’t like or won’t work in the new house. Occasionally, your current furniture may look out of place with the style of the new house. In this scenario, it’s better to purchase new furniture that matches the new location’s decor.

ways to prepare your furniture before moving

Protect Your Furniture

One of the best ways to prepare your furniture before moving is to provide additional protection for specific items. For instance, you can use bubble wrap to protect delicate pieces of furniture, and plastic covers or wraps work well for larger, sturdier items. You may need to wrap some things, such as mirrors and glass items, completely with the bubble wrap or pack them in sturdy boxes.

Disassemble Furniture Pieces

An easy way to move large items is to disassemble them into smaller components. For instance, if your couch can dismantle into smaller pieces, take it apart and pack the parts together. It is a lot easier to ship pieces of a couch than to fit the whole thing into a moving van.


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