Ways You Can Make Your Home Feel More Open

Most of us have spent a lot more time at home this past year, and for many, it’s started to feel cramped. We’ve made a list of ways to help for varying budgets, whether you’re willing to spend a lot or you’re just looking to make it work without paying a dime. Here are some ways you can make your home feel more open.

Declutter Everything

The simplest (and cheapest) step of the process is decluttering. When trying to clear a home that holds years of clutter, a good way to make this daunting task manageable is to set reasonable goals and stick to them—set aside a few hours a week for you and your family to declutter. Decluttering will become a habit sooner than you expect, so start small and make it a mindset.

make your home feel more open

Add More Windows

If you can afford a small renovation, adding windows to living rooms, sitting rooms, and dining rooms helps them feel larger, even if it doesn’t alter your home’s footprint. Natural light and the ability to see more space (even space outside the walls of your house) subconsciously make us perceive spaces differently.

An added benefit of adding windows to your home is that you’ll require far less electricity during the day to light various rooms in your home. Those energy bills add up quickly, so every bit helps!

Remodel Rooms

This is a more considerable expense than adding windows but comes with a bigger benefit. Most homes built without modern architecture could use an update, especially because modern design places openness as a high priority. Without knocking down any walls, remodeling your kitchen can make it feel much larger

Now that you have an idea of some ways you can make your home feel more open, create a cleaning schedule and consider getting a quote from a contractor. Home renovations are expensive, but many are investments that make your life easier— and isn’t that what money is for?


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