What Are Your Legal Rights If Harmed by Opioids?

You may have been injured after taking painkillers or other medicines that contain opioids. You suffer the physical and emotional effects of your injuries, including chronic pain and mental anguish. But, what you may not comprehend is that you have legal rights if a defective drug has injured you and can hold the pharmaceutical company responsible accountable by filing an opioid lawsuit.

Many victims, families of victims, and entities have filed lawsuits against drug companies for their part in the opioid crisis. But before beginning the battle against the injustice and harm caused, you must be aware of your legal rights. 

What Are Opioid Lawsuits?

A lawsuit is a legal action in which a person claims that the manufacturer, distributor, or maker of a product caused his or her death or substantial harm due to a product defect. 

Since 1999, well over 450,000 People have died as a direct result of the opioid epidemic. On top of that, 49 states, including Washington, D.C., and several U.S. territories, are suing Purdue Pharma for $2.15 trillion for its part in the opioid epidemic. Under such lawsuits, one party sues another party for compensation following damage caused by a third party (the opioid medication manufacturer – Purdue Pharma).

What’s an Opioid?

An Opioid is a type of synthetic opioid painkiller. Developed from organic opiates such as opium, heroin, and morphine, industrial opioids are more powerful and longer-acting than traditional opiates. 

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What Are Your Legal Rights?

If you have been harmed by an opioid, you should seek medical help and contact a lawyer specializing in the field. You hold a right to compensation if you have been harmed by an opioid.

Regardless of how far back your claim falls, it’s good to act within 30 days of the harm occurring. If you have already suffered damage due to an opioid overdose, you may be able to move forward even earlier.

An opioid overdose is defined as the ingestion of a Schedule II controlled substance, also referred to as an opioid, with a binary Harmful Drug Identification Number (HDIN). The harm will be considered “negligible” if the HDIN is not present.

Initiate a Case Against the Drug Manufacturers and Distributors

When a pharmaceutical company is named in a lawsuit for creating an addictive drug and not warning its consumers about the addictive properties of the drug, then this could be the basis of filing an opioid lawsuit.

Claim for Compensation

Prescription drugs like OxyContin and Percocet are supposed to help people in pain. But the love of money and the drive to get patients on these drugs have blinded the drug manufacturers, distributors, and doctors. 

Now, those responsible for selling the opioid epidemic are under fire, with hundreds of lawsuits being filed every month. If you have been hurt by opioids or have lost a loved one, you may be entitled to compensation.

In the End 

Opioid litigation can cover a wide variety of health problems caused by prescription medications. When you get an opioid lawsuit, you have legal rights. These may include the right to settlement and compensation for pain and suffering due to a defective product. The quicker you file your claim, the better.

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