What is With the Hype Surrounding Athleisure?

You may have heard the word athleisure a few times before, but the word has most likely flooded your feeds more and more in recent times. Have you ever found the perfect and most comfortable pair of leggings and thought that you could wear it out in the mall? If you have, then that is precisely what the athleisure trend is bringing to the fashion industry.

Coming from the word athletic and leisure, athleisure blurs the boundary between gym apparel and casual wear as it offers clothes that can be used on both occasions. Over time, the trend has steadily grown in popularity as people wanted to wear clothes that gave the same comfort that activewear did. 

Today, yoga leggings, joggers, running shoes, and other Girls activewear from Black Milk clothing have become staples not only in the gym but virtually everywhere. As a result, brands have worked towards creating more designs that you can wear for any occasion. For instance, online stores such as Black Milk clothing offers unique activewear options like coated leggings with pockets or those with cute and fun prints!


Rise of Athleisure Trend

Back in the 70s, people would wear casual clothing to the gym as activewear had not yet been as popular as it is today. As the fit lifestyle continued to grow over time, brands started to look into creating apparel that was more suitable for workouts. This step birthed the activewear industry, which offered clothing with innovative materials like spandex and Lycra to suit active lifestyles better.

The activewear industry subsequently grew because of the growing consciousness for fitness and the comfortability and durability of the clothes. As a result, sports brands continued to work on improvements, using more lightweight and breathable fabrics for enhanced comfort. The continuous innovations in products gradually led to the rise of the athleisure trend and industry, which is expected to become an $83 billion industry in 2020. 

To some, athleisure is no longer a passing trend but is a movement that has cemented its place in the fashion industry. It has grown so much that you will see fashion style and design trends being incorporated into activewear. For example, online stores like Black Milk Clothing has a vast selection ranging from metallic and coated leggings to cotton candy hoodies.




Future of Athleisure

Despite being dubbed as a trend, athleisure is expected to stay and continue growing in the future. The innovations behind Girl’s activewear from Black Milk clothing, which include sweat-wicking materials and durability, along with the comfort of the apparel, will continue to be massive selling points in the fashion industry. Similarly, athleisure wear is popular for being weather-adaptive as sportswear fabric can help keep you dry from the heat, while sports hoodies can keep you warm in the colder days.

Fitness lifestyles are at a high and are expected to continue as people become more conscious about health. As a result, more and more people look for activewear that can be worn in and out of the gym to support their lifestyle. 

Another reason why athleisure continues to trend is that it offers versatility and allows people to use the same clothes for various activities. For instance, athleisure footwear continues to grow in popularity as people now prefer shoes that are usable for day-to-day wear as opposed to those that are more technical.

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