What Makes An Addiction Problem So Hard To Overcome?

The chances are high that most people will know someone, either a relative or friend or perhaps an acquaintance, that has or had an addiction problem.

It can impact those individuals in many ways, and it can also affect those closest to them. Some people assume it’s easy to stop addiction by simply avoiding the source of it. But, most people find it extremely challenging to beat addiction.

The following points illustrate why many individuals find it so hard to overcome any form of addiction:

The Brain’s Reward System Became Compromised

It’s easy to sometimes think that overcoming an addiction is all about willpower. While it’s true that you must “want” to overcome your addiction, there’s a lot more to doing so than a simple matter of positive mental thinking.

Addictions typically mess around with the brain’s reward system. Compulsions get created, making it super hard to resist the urge for some more drugs, alcohol, or whatever else the addiction may be.

For some people, things like opioid overdose can occur if they feel they’ve gone far too long without a “fix.” As you can imagine, such scenarios can be life-threatening.

Peer Pressure

Another typical reason why some people find it extremely challenging to overcome addiction is peer pressure. For example, if a person’s friends or even relatives all partake in a particular addictive pastime or activity, they can feel isolated if they refuse to join in.

Peer pressure happens a lot throughout life and often begins from an early age at school. However, when peer pressure involves taking addictive substances, it can make a person feel like they are in the wrong or make themselves out to be an outcast from the group.

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Ease Of Access

If the source of addiction is difficult to get, it can sometimes help people addicted to them to kick their habits and “go clean.”

However, if it’s easy to purchase the things needed to fulfill an addiction, such as from a drug dealer or even a local supermarket, the temptation will often be very difficult to avoid.

Self-restraint is extremely challenging when it’s really easy to get what you want to feed an addiction. Sometimes, individuals might find it easier to leave their homes and move somewhere new – purposely making it difficult to get what they need to feed their addictions.

How To Get Help

Addictions might be hard to overcome – but they aren’t impossible. If you’ve got an addiction, or someone close to you has one, it’s worth keeping in mind that any addiction can get beaten – provided there’s a support framework in place.

It might be a friend or relative, to begin with, but ultimately it means working with trained professionals to figure out the reason for addiction and dealing with the source of the problem, rather than just trying to find a cure.

Final Thoughts

Addiction is seldom easy to overcome. But, with the right support, it’s a lot easier to beat.

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