What Makes Chicago Awesome

They say that the name of “Windy City” was given to Chicago because the people there were boastful blowhards. Whoever said that was clearly not from Chicago and was likely jealous of the city’s obvious greatness. Chicago is a city of endless possibilities; a place to live, love, grow, and flourish. This city has history, but it’s also the perfect place to plan your future.

This post is not about travel, it’s about life. We’re talking about living in Chicago and why it’s so fantastic. We’ll explore these ideas covering several aspects:


  • Finding a place to settle down
  • Learn and grow
  • Work and flourish
  • Live your life


Finding a Place to Settle Down

When you move to Chicago, the first thing you need to do is find a place to live. Being one of the country’s first-tier cities, Chicago has no shortage of fantastic neighborhoods and apartments. It’s a daunting prospect, but it’s made so much easier with the help of online platforms like Zumper. It puts all the best available apartments in Chicago into one handy place. Browse apartments by neighborhood, price, and other metrics, see everything clearly on the map, click and inquire. It couldn’t be easier.



You might not always find your perfect forever home the first time around, but at least in Chicago you can always rely on there being another opportunity to find that perfect place to lay your head each night, and lay down roots for the long term.


Learn and Grow

Chicago is home to many of the nation’s best schools, especially its world-class university. The University of Chicago has produced 100 Nobel laureates (4th most of any college in the world, and 3rd in the US behind Harvard and UC Berkeley), and is a magnet for global academic talent. The effect has clearly spilled over into the public schools, too, making Chicago a great city to raise a family.

School and college are just the beginning of our personal growth. Chicago offers a rich tapestry of museums, galleries, and other places of intellectual interest. Check out the Art Institute of Chicago, or the Museum of Science and Industry to pique your curiosity. The possibilities are endless. Each day in the city can inspire you for a lifetime of success in the future.



Work and Flourish

The city’s job market is as diverse as its population and attractions. No single industry in Chicago employs more than 12 percent of the total workforce according to figures from worldbusinesschicago.com. From education and real estate to manufacturing and finance, from construction and information to management and retail — Chicago’s job market has it all and more.

Those people looking for new challenges, new careers, and an overall new direction for their life will find a great deal on offer to them in Chicago. Whether you’re starting out or pivoting to a more senior position, you’ll be able to network with the city’s countless professionals across multiple sectors and fields. It’s the dream ticket, professionally.


Live Your Life

In between the work, studies, and home life, you’ll surely want to find exciting things to fill your days. One mistake many Chicagoans make is not taking advantage of all their fair city has to offer, dismissing some things as “too touristy.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Take the charming river walk, explore the public gardens, or take a day cruise on Lake Michigan.

For something a bit more alternative, how about the Gangsters and Ghosts Tour in Chicago? If not that, why not take in a show, the Drunk Shakespeare Performance in Chicago, for instance. Get an unforgettable view of the city at the 360 Chicago Observation Deck, or take in the vision of a giant bean in Millennium Park. 

Once you’re settled, you also can’t miss a game day at Wrigley Field to support the Cubs! It wouldn’t be fair to call you a Chicagoan if you hadn’t taken in at least one home game of the 2016 World Series winners (they waited a hundred years to get that title again, after all!)



Chicago – Your New Home on Lake Michigan

At the end of it all, you might ignore all of these individual points about Chicago, and just make it here for a rich, fun, and whole life — with an occasional day at the beach thrown in, of course! Next time you’re planning a scout of another city to call home, just make sure Chicago is top of your list.

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