What To Know Before Homeschooling Your Child

Are you thinking about starting a homeschooling program for your child? Homeschooling can be a terrific way to pursue your child’s education, though there are a few things to keep in mind before you commit. To get an idea of whether homeschooling is the right fit for you and your family, check out this quick rundown of what to know before homeschooling your child.

Know Your Area’s Qualifications

Before you get started planning your homeschool curriculum, you’ll want to research your state’s qualifications for homeschooling. Different states in the US have differing levels of regulations when it comes to homeschooling. Some states require annual notice, while others require no notice of homeschooling to the state. Parent and testing qualifications also vary state by state, so it’s always best to do some research into the legal side of homeschooling first.

Spend Time on the Basics

Reading and writing are the building blocks of your child’s education, so don’t rush these seemingly basic skills. Rushing these early topics can leave your child frustrated due to a lack of understanding. Since reading and writing are the foundations of all their future learning, it’s good to take your time with these lessons for less stress on you and your child. Then, once they understand the basics, they can continue practicing by discovering their own favorite books and subjects.

what to know about homeschooling

Do Some Community Research

Reach out to your community and other parents who are homeschooling their children. Other parents going through the homeschooling process can provide advice on and insight into their teaching journeys. You could even shake up your child’s homeschooling routine by scheduling joint classes with other families. This might be the perfect way for your child to make a new friend or study buddy. Your local library and other community spots may have additional resources for homeschooling, too.

Know That There Will Be Challenges—and That’s Okay

No parent planning a homeschooling curriculum is going to know every piece of material they present to their kids, but that’s okay. The real takeaway is that your child is learning how to teach themselves these difficult concepts; this is a skill they’ll use in higher education and in life. Some days, your child might struggle with a certain concept or to pay attention. But the beauty of homeschooling is that you can decide whether you push through that lesson or give your child a break to play outside.

Homeschooling is a great choice for some families, but it’s good to be prepared. That’s why it’s important to familiarize yourself with what to know before homeschooling your child. Hopefully, these tips will help you during the decision-making process on homeschooling and getting started yourself!

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