When Uriel Sang: Parenting an Exceptional Child…one family’s journey with #Autism #SpecialNeeds

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A devoted father searches for a way to his autistic son’s heart: an unforgettable journey into the private life of a family dealing with autism.
After the end of his first marriage, Danny is remarried to Nataly, the love of his life. When their beautiful baby boy, Uriel, is diagnosed with autism, their lives are changed forever. At first, the family is devastated, anxious and confused, but the complex situations they are faced with will teach them insightful lessons and change them forever, as a couple, as parents and as human beings.
An exceptional story of fate, devotion, love and dedication that proves hope is the strongest weapon of all.
As Danny narrates in his honest and passionate tone, that will melt your heart and touch your soul, the family suddenly finds itself struggling with inconsiderate institutes and indifferent bureaucracy; dealing with social ignorance, discrimination and prejudice; coping with rejection, failure, frustration, anger, self-doubt and despair; collecting small victories, weaving dreams and making the impossible come true. By Exposing the most intimate and personal situations, it reveals a powerful and exciting world that is usually left out of sight, and teaches voluble lessons that are relevant to all.
Open your minds to an exceptional life story: prepare to laugh, cry, love, and believe.When Uriel Sang exposes the topic of autism and addresses the general issue of exceptional people and people with differences. It promotes openness to unique children and adults in our society and opens one’s mind to see them as our equals, and not as a burden. It is an unforgettable journey for any reader, at any age.

My Thoughts:
I am always interested in hearing the stories of other Autism parents. Each one of us has taken a different path to discovering the differences that our kids have. For me, I know that my child was born with it, but there are those that believe that their children developed it after a vaccine, as Uriel’s parents do. 
Now, I am not one to discredit what a person believes, as that is not my place. I however, do not believe that vaccines cause Autism, but rather a vaccine induced brain injury that has similar characteristics to Autism. 
That being said, I appreciate this story, because it provides real insight into one families journey with the unknown. I know first hand, how emotional a diagnosis like this, can be, and I also know that each family reacts to the news differently. Such as for Uriel’s parents…his mother does not want to speak on it, at all, and has no desire to let anyone else know. Some parents feel shame, some parents don’t. 
All I can really say, is that this story is full of real, raw emotion. Disappointment, and triumphs, and it needs to be read by anyone that is on their own journey with Autism, or know someone that is on this journey. It really is a great read, regardless of what you believe causes, or doesn’t cause Autism.

You can find When Uriel Sang, on Amazon…I highly recommend that you read it!
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