When vs. When Not To Do DIY Mold Removal

After finding mold in their home, most homeowners want to take care of it immediately by cleaning it themselves. However, some cases of mold can be stubborn or even dangerous to try to remove alone. This is when you need to put down the sponge and rubber gloves and call a professional. But how do you know when it’s safe or not safe? Follow these examples of when vs. when not to do DIY mold removal to get the best idea for handling your mold situation.

When to DIY

You should only remove mold yourself if you have the right equipment and experience. Whether or not you should remove mold yourself also depends on the size of the affected area. If the moldy area is 10 square feet or smaller, you should be safe to take care of it on your own with the right tools. While doing so, you want to make sure that you protect yourself with the proper gloves, eyewear, and even a mask. Also, make sure to keep the kids away from the area. Forgetting to protect yourself is one of the most common DIY mold removal mistakes people make.

mold removal

When To Call the Pros

Knowing when to hire a professional restoration service is crucial when dealing with mold. If you see a large area of mold growth, find black mold, or have at-risk individuals in your home, you should call a professional right away. Additionally, if you suspect mold growth in your home due to high moisture levels or odors but can’t locate it, you should also call a mold removal company. Trying to tackle these difficult conditions yourself could lead to health hazards or mold spores spreading to other areas of your house.

Benefits of Professional Mold Removal

Professional restoration and removal services are critical for eliminating a mold problem at its source. Perhaps the best benefit of mold removal services is the peace of mind that comes from a professional removal job. Hiring the pros can leave you feeling confident that your home is clean and safe for your family once more. Plus, you won’t have to lay a finger on the moldy space yourself.

Hopefully, these examples of when vs. when not to do DIY mold removal help you understand your own mold issue a bit better and help you prepare for any future growth you stumble across.


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