When Your Child is Struggling in School

Poor grades or disinterest in school activities are some of the indications of when a child is struggling in school. There are many reasons for this, and if it has happened suddenly, probably the child is being bullied at school or has emotional problems.  Other issues might be slow processing speed leading to anxiety, illnesses, or disliking certain subjects. What should you do when this happens? 

Get Subject Support

If a child is failing in one subject, finding a tutor might be the best solution. For instance, if the child is having trouble with algebra, a math curriculum expert or program that enables them to spend more time on the subject but in a more personalized and friendly learning environment can help improve their performance. 

Chances are, your child doesn’t dislike the topic but needs more time to learn or grasp the concepts.  Maybe all they need is more attention which they don’t get in a classroom set up, making them lag behind the other students. 

A personalized learning experience can significantly improve their performance because the child is not in a controlled or highly competitive environment. 


Child is Struggling in School
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Get Homework Support

Some kids, especially the young ones, have a hard time settling down at home to do their homework. If this is a challenge, spend more time with a child supervising their homework and encouraging them to focus. 

Also, provide a structure where the child knows when they should attend to homework. To enable them to focus, put off all distractions such as phones and TVs. Also, get a quiet place away from the other kids to allow the child to concentrate on the homework

If you can’t get the child to settle down and tackle the homework, think of getting a professional homework helper. A skilled homework helper will bring a lot of relief to you and the child, enabling them to settle down and focus on homework with little supervision from the parents. It will be a relief to see your child doing their homework successfully without intervention.

Find Out Whether the Child Has Any Special Needs

If the child is still struggling even after getting the support, you need to determine whether they have any special needs. First, visit the child’s pediatrician for some tests to rule out that the child has any physical problems with hearing or vision that may interfere with the learning process. 

Other causes of slow learning can be behavioral or developmental problems such as ADHD. When a child has a slow processing speed, they usually get anxious, making it harder to learn as quickly as other children. Acknowledging the anxiety is the first step to helping the child manage the problem.

When a child suddenly develops problems with their schoolwork, they’re probably going through stressful situations, maybe at home or at school. Events in their personal life or at home, such as parents divorcing, bereavement, bullying, and financial problems, can easily affect a child’s performance at school. 

Trying to find out the reason makes it easier to find solutions. You may also want to talk to the school principal about the concerns if you feel your child is struggling in school. 

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