Whimsical Design Ideas for a Kid’s Fairy-Tale Bedroom

“Once upon a time”: Just four words immediately propel our minds into memories of our childhood. A parent doing silly voices as they read a bedtime story. Snuggling up on the couch to watch a Disney movie. Taking trips to the local library. With so many fond memories, it’s natural to want to make fairy tales a part of our own kids’ childhoods. And there’s no better way to do that than to create a magical world for them to fall asleep in. These whimsical design ideas for a kid’s fairy-tale bedroom will help you capture their wonder and imagination.  

Find a Focus

There are as many ways to handle a fairy-tale theme as there are fairy tales, so that initial design process might be a little overwhelming, to say the least. The best way to decide on your design is to pick a specific fairy-tale setting. Here are a few examples: 

  • Enchanted forest
  • Fairy village 
  • Magical castle 
  • Mermaid paradise 
  • Kingdom in the sky
  • Dragons and ogres

You can also consider building the room theme around a specific fairy tale. For example, you can create a Jack and the Beanstalk room with a painted beanstalk growing out of the corner or a Cinderella room with a pumpkin coach bed.

ideas for a kid’s fairy-tale bedroom

Get Creative With Paint 

Fairy tales are naturally colorful places, so it makes sense that paint will be a vital tool when you’re designing a kid’s fairy-tale bedroom. But for a truly magical experience, try going beyond simply painting the walls pink or blue. 

Murals are a great way to take your room design to the next level. But if the idea of painting Neuschwanstein Castle on your kid’s wall doesn’t inspire confidence, you can always keep it simple with little paint details like vines or butterflies. If you want to go even subtler while still being eye-catching and whimsical, an ombre accent wall will add a little extra color too. 


If you want a more complex wall design but don’t want to use too much paint, consider creating an accent wall using whimsical or flowery wallpaper. 

Look For Accent Opportunities 

When you’re creating themed rooms, accents are everything. There are dozens of ways to add accents, such as:

  • Twinkle lights or paper lanterns 
  • A crystal chandelier 
  • Mobiles or other ceiling decors
  • Flowery chains to hang over the bed
  • Stuffed woodland creatures 

You’re only a kid once, and these ideas for a kid’s fairy-tale bedroom are a wonderful way to help your child make the most of it. That way, they’ll have memories they can share with their own children.

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