Why buying major parts at the dealership is smarter

It’s inevitable; if you own a vehicle, sooner or later you are going to have to replace parts to keep it running properly. No amount of monthly or yearly servicing will keep it in check, because just like most other things in life, parts wear out.

A lot of the time, peoples first thought is to call their local auto parts store, but after years of watching my mechanic husband work on customer cars, I have learned that it isn’t always the smartest or the cheapest option.




More often than not, he is met with the “sorry sir, we don’t have that in stock, but we can order it” which always ends up taking longer and ends up costing him more in the long run because they too are buying it from the dealership, but pricing it higher to make their own profit. However, one call to any dealership parts department, that sells the make of the car he is working on, without the middle man of the auto store and we have a replacement part in hand within 30 minutes with at least a 25% decrease in cost compared to buying from the parts store.

Additionally, it is guaranteed that it will fit the car because unlike the auto store who looks based on year, make, and model; the dealership looks based on the vehicle VIN# guaranteeing that whatever you are buying, is the perfect fit.

Now granted, there are some parts that we still get from the parts store, but that is only because they stay in stock; things like brakes, spark plugs, wires, and other tune-up supplies. Major parts? those are reserved for the dealership.

In short, doing the work yourself is perfectly fine, so long as you are skilled in doing the repairs, but if you want the right parts the first time, go to the dealership. Not only will your vehicle love you for it, so will your wallet.

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