Why DIY cards are almost always better than store bought

Birthdays, Holidays, Get Well, Thanks; there are so many occasions in which you might give a card to someone, but is store-bought always the best way to go? For many people the answer is yes; it is easy, convenient, and there are lots to choose from. However, what about from the standpoint of the receiver? Yes, they will love any card you give them, but giving them one you made shows them how much you truly care. After all, if you took the time to create something for them, it probably means that you care a whole lot! Hence my argument for DIY Cards!

Making cards can range in difficulty, depending on what you are making them out of, and how detailed they are. Some of my favorite cards ever were the ones my kids made for me using plain white paper and markers or crayons! However, if you want something a little more…professional-looking…you might opt to mix and match fonts, to create meaningful saying, quotes, or messages. That’s just part of the reason why I like to get fonts free from Font Bundles!

DIY Cards

There are hundreds of premium fonts to choose from, and it is as easy as downloading the fonts to your computer then creating within your favorite program. I am a big fan of the way Font Bundles has their site set up; you can look through their free fonts all at one time, or limit them to a certain category, such as script, seasonal, or regular. They also have a section to search if you are looking for more of a fancy font.

These are fonts that would be perfect for congratulatory-type cards, such as for graduation, engagement, or a wedding. DIY cards can be a really meaningful way to let someone know that you are thinking of them, and if you are the crafty type they can be a great way to flex your crafty muscles! The Fancier Fonts do cost, but you can find comparable fonts in the free section as well.

DIY Cards

In addition to creating DIY cards, these fonts would be perfect for creating wall art, signs, flyers, pamphlets, and more. Creating your business cards? These fonts would be perfect, just mix and match until you are happy with the results. Do you want your website to stand out from the rest, these fonts from the font bundle can help you achieve the personalized and unique design you are looking for.

Using Font Bundles is very easy as well, the site will walk you throw downloading and using your free fonts, and all you have to do to get started is create an account! I know that I will be using many of these fonts, as I create art for my daughters’ room, home decor, and increase the wow factor of this blog! Not to mention the tons of cards that I will be creating for the birthdays, and special occasions that are coming up soon!

I really think this would be a beneficial site to find fonts, for everyone. So, I want to see what you create, share a picture in the comments or on social media, and hashtag #LoveMamaDewsCreates so I can see all the amazing creations you come up with! Happy Crafting!!

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