Why Everyone Should Stop Trying To Pick the Perfect Gift

When it comes to birthdays, anniversaries, or any kind of event where you’re expected to bring a gift, it’s common for people to spend hours or even days trying to come up with something to offer. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as the perfect gift, and trying to find one is essentially just a waste of time. So in this post, we’ll be covering a couple of practical tips on gift-giving, and explaining why trying to pick the perfect gift is a waste of your time.

Some people just have everything (or can get everything)

Many people try to find a gift that is absolutely perfect for their recipient. They’ll look at their hobbies, their culture, or even their workplace. However, when you start digging deep to find out more about someone, you end up with a problem. You’re going to start picking gifts that the recipient either already has, or knows more about than you.

For instance, imagine trying to find gifts for gardeners who have everything. If you’re buying them a gardening tool then there’s a good chance they already have it or have something newer. If you try to buy an electronic component for a tech enthusiast friend, then you might buy something that is either a waste of money or isn’t compatible with their current equipment.

In short, unless you’re extremely confident that you know someone’s tastes and the types of items they might buy, it’s best to avoid giving a gift that is related to their hobby. Consider something more universal or simple instead.

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Remember that it’s the thought that counts

When giving a gift, it’s important not to place too much value on the gift itself but more on the thought behind it. It’s perfectly understandable that you might want to give something that has a lot of value. However, most people that receive a gift don’t really have expectations from you. They appreciate anything regardless if it’s a unique gift or just a box of chocolates. It’s to celebrate the occasion as a gesture–it shouldn’t be the highlight of the event.

So try not to worry so much about the perfect gift. As long as you buy a gift that is suitable for the occasion, you’re probably going to have a fine gift that your recipient will remember and cherish.

Does that mean the perfect gift doesn’t exist?

Absolutely not! There’s probably a perfect gift that you could give to someone that will blow their mind. However, trying to find that gift is going to take a lot of time and their idea of a “perfect” gift might change the next day. In other words; take as much time as you need to consider what a good gift could be, but don’t go overboard with it.

It’s easy to become obsessed with the idea of trying to find the perfect gift for someone but don’t let it get to you. Choose something that you know they’ll like and settle for that.

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