Why You Should Announce Your Pregnancy at Work

It can be difficult to bring the great news of being pregnant into the workplace. It may not feel appropriate, or it may be embarrassing. However, there are a few key reasons you should announce your pregnancy at work once the time is right.

Avoiding Workflow Interruptions

It may seem counterintuitive to say that taking a moment to announce your pregnancy, whether through e-mail, during lunch, or in a small meeting, helps you avoid interrupting the day. 

First, it’s important to remember that you are an individual, and it’s fair to celebrate a life-changing event with the people you see each day. Try not to consider your good news a burden on the team. 

Second, telling your team early that you will have to take an extended leave to recover and spend time with your baby allows you, your leads, and your co-workers to start preparations now. That way, your absence, and return can be as seamless as possible, and everyone can keep doing their job without frustration.

pregnancy at work

Keeping Communication Open

Perhaps the most important reason why you should announce your pregnancy at work is that open communication fosters a healthier work environment. This isn’t to say that your co-workers need to know every aspect of your life as sometimes, work-life separation is vital. Instead, it’s helpful to keep your teammates informed about why their schedules, workload, or work experience may need to shift.

You also need to be forthcoming about how you believe expectations should change as you take on this new challenge at home. Be open with your management about the time you expect to take and how raising a newborn will affect your work. Creating a realistic plan with your leads will create better outcomes for your team as a whole.

Bonding With Your Team

Finally, consider the benefit of reminding your team that you’re human. It’s easy to get lost in our work and easier to let our work exclusively represent us in the office. Remember that sharing small glimpses into your personal life helps your team connect and relate to you. Ideally, this means that it’s easier for them to break the ice and improve communication during shared projects in the future.

How you’ll share the news with your co-workers is one of many things to consider when you’re pregnant. Remember to prioritize your needs and be honest, proud, and your true self when you step into the office the day of your announcement!


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