Winter Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy This Break

The time has come. It’s almost winter break, and parents around the country are running around trying to find ways to keep their children occupied for two weeks. Although sending them to their room or the backyard seems like an easy solution, there are so many fun memories you can make! Here are four fun winter activities to keep your kids busy this break while still having a great time.

Brush Up on Your Baking Skills

One of the best winter break activities is baking sweet treats with the ones you love. Baking cookies, muffins, mini-cakes, bread, pies, and other baked goods will make your little one’s day! Fill your home with laughter and delicious smells while teaching your children basic baking and kitchen safety skills.

Go on a Winter Treasure Hunt

Another way to keep your kids busy this winter break is by having a winter treasure hunt. This is also a great activity for moms who have children with autism because it can help with their sensory motor skills. While your children are sound asleep, place items around the house or yard (if it’s not too cold) and give them a list of clues to point them in the right direction. Whoever finds the most items can pick out the movie for family night or get an extra sweet treat after dinner.

Write and Illustrate a Story

Allow your children’s imagination to run wild with endless ideas and possibilities. Prompting your child to write and illustrate a storybook throughout the winter break is a great way to keep them busy. This is also a great way to introduce new literary terms and lessons to stay on top of what they’ve learned in school. At the end of the break, you can host a book signing party where your child presents their book to the family and reads it aloud.

Host a Paper Airplane Tournament

Kids get impressed with the simplest things sometimes, and conducting a paper airplane tournament might be one of those things. Sit down with your children and decorate a series of paper airplanes in unique ways. After trimming and folding them into planes, start flying! The paper airplane that travels the farthest is the winner.

This winter break, don’t let your children sit around bored all day. Keep them busy with fun, educational, and sometimes silly activities they’ll enjoy. From baking cookies to running around the yard in circles, your children will appreciate these small moments that made their holiday breaks special.

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