You’ll Love These Maintenance-Free Fences

Fences serve as more than barriers today. They play a role in a property’s curb appeal and add value to the lives of the owners. However, when a person chooses a new fence, they need to consider the maintenance and upkeep required. They don’t want a barrier that will require regular attention, as this takes away from other things in their lives they enjoy more. Fortunately, manufacturers recognize this and now offer maintenance-free fencing options. Furthermore, these options add beauty to the landscape and last for decades. What more could a property owner ask for?

Why Not Wood?

Although wood adds charm to a property and is visually appealing, it requires regular painting and restaining. Many people wish to avoid this. They want their free time to be used for activities they enjoy. The maintenance-free options allow them to have this time. Maintenance-free options include aluminum, vinyl, and aluminum-vinyl. If a person wants help from Illinois Fence to choose which material best meets their needs, don’t hesitate to ask. However, the following information might be enough for an owner to make this decision. 


Vinyl fencing serves as an attractive alternative to traditional wood fences, and consumers find they have options when it comes to the color of the fence. This ensures they can complement the home’s exterior while keeping children and pets safe. The fence welcomes visitors to the property while providing a barrier to unwanted intruders.

Vinyl fencing provides privacy for occupants of the property and can be purchased in picket and solid options. Property owners love that the fence obstructs their view of unsightly exterior features while minimizing dog barking. With the help of the fence, individuals on the property find they have their own private oasis.

Vinyl serves as an environmentally friendly fencing option, as no chemicals are used to waterproof the fence or stain and paint it. Consumers don’t need to worry about volatile organic compounds. Furthermore, the owner can recycle the fence when they choose to take it down rather than taking it to the landfill. 

Vinyl fencing adds to the property value. While some buyers may wish to have a fence when purchasing a property, many people don’t find the lack of one to be a deal-breaker. Nevertheless, a cheap fence that was quickly thrown up and not maintained will deter potential buyers. Choose vinyl and know that you have an attractive fence that will catch the eye of individuals who might be interested in purchasing a home. They also love that this fence requires minimal maintenance, as it gives them more time to enjoy their new residence. 

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Aluminum serves as another maintenance-free fencing material. Aluminum fences make a statement wherever they are installed while adding elegance to the property. Black aluminum remains a popular choice in luxury neighborhoods, but men and women find they can choose from a range of colors and styles today. Furthermore, manufacturers introduce new options every year. 

Aluminum never needs to be painted or stained, and it won’t rot when exposed to the elements. Iron rusts with time because it is a ferrous metal that oxidizes. This isn’t an issue with aluminum. Experts estimate aluminum won’t disintegrate for more than 10,000 years. 

Property owners love the cost of aluminum fencing when compared to traditional wrought iron. Fence makers must fabricate wrought iron fencing in the factory or shop and the iron costs more than aluminum. Aluminum fences are manufactured, which helps to keep costs down. 

Individuals find they have color options when they choose aluminum fencing. While black blends with most landscapes, an owner may not want their property to look like other ones in the area. Speak with the fencing provider to learn which color options are available. However, consider choosing a dark color so dust and grime won’t be visible.

One reason property owners appreciate having access to aluminum fencing is this material increases the security of the property. Intruders may scale a wood fence or cut chain-link fencing to access the property. Choose spear-topped pickets for the fence, and intruders will look for an easier target. 

A person might worry that they cannot have an aluminum fence on their property because the land is sloped. This isn’t an issue with aluminum. The installation team can adjust aluminum fence panels so they conform to the land. This allows for additional installation options that may not be available with other fencing materials. 


Some people find they want a combination of aluminum and vinyl when it comes to their fencing material. As with the individual materials, aluminum-vinyl fencing requires no maintenance. Furthermore, the two-tone fencing offers a unique look and unbeatable privacy. At the most, this fence will need to be washed occasionally with soap and water to remove dirt, but that’s it. When a person selects this option, they know they are getting a fence that will last for decades to come and the best of both aluminum and vinyl. You can’t go wrong when this option is selected. 

Complementing the New Fence

Don’t overlook additional accessories for the yard when choosing a new fence. This portion of the property is meant to be enjoyed and the right accessories make it easier to achieve this goal. For example, choose a gate to allow for easy access to the property or a maintenance-free railing to use when entering or exiting the home. Using the same material for various elements throughout the landscape increases the curb appeal while providing a haven from everyday life. 

Explore maintenance-free fences today. Property owners who upgrade to this type of fence find they have more time to enjoy life, as they are spending less time on upkeep. Regardless of which option is selected, the owner knows they are getting a durable barrier that will add value to their lives in a variety of ways. Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information. A fence is an investment in a property, so you want to ensure you get the right one. Fencing professionals work with clients to make certain they do. 


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